Small Teardrop Shower Brooch Bouquet

These small teardrop shower brooch bouquet designs have a loose, informal style and are packed with vintage jewellery, buttons and pearl and crystal beads.

The teardrop shower jewellery bouquets also contain ivory silk flowers and measures approximately 10cm by 16cm. This is the smallest size available in the teardrop bouquet style and is perfect for shorter length gowns and full length slimline wedding dresses. This is a great option for destination brides as it won’t take up too much room in your luggage!

A vintage bouquet of the same size pictured here using similar materials would cost £445.

Teardrop shower bouquets are available in varying sizes and prices:

10cm by 16cm     £445

12cm by 19cm     £595

13cm by 21cm     £795

14cm by 23cm     £950

15cm by 27cm     £1,100

16cm by 30cm     £1,295

18cm by 35cm     £1,495

20cm by 40cm     £1,795

Sizes are approximate.

All bouquets are bespoke designs so please use the online form to enquire about ordering: